Welcome! You are not here on accident. You are here for a reason and I am so thankful that our worlds just collided.

Courtney Gunter is a multi- passionate educator, mindset/life coach, blogger, wife, mother, and friend.

I help athletes train the mental side of their game to ensure peak learning and performance. I help give parents insight into the challenges that their children are facing.

Positive Response Coaching

At the age of 36 I jumped into the world of Mindset/Life Coaching for Youth. My 14 years in education have given me a unique skill set and deep understanding when working with children.

My career as a college athlete combined with my current position as mother of athletes and coach’s wife have created a perspective that is valuable to both kids and parents.

My passion for this work, and the need for this work, collided when my content that included perspective on children began gaining traction with my audience. Parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches alike were asking questions, seeking influence, relating and reaching out for assistance after reading these blogs.

In early 2022, I began work on Positive Response Coaching a mindset/life coaching business to give parents, just like me; and athletes, just like my kids, a resource when the unique mental challenges of athletics and performance arise.

Why it began…

When my own daughter began playing softball, my husband wanted so badly to help develop her as a player. As I am sure has happened with many of you, we found that having him coach her was not good for either of them. We began taking her to a hitting coach, who was saying the same things as my husband, but our daughter began to grow in softball exponentially. The outside voice of a coach and the emphasis we placed on the importance of the instruction created an atmosphere where she could really learn and apply new skills.

There was a new sense of security she felt in having someone else coach her. She saw that we were investing our resources into helping her get better. Putting it in her schedule to dedicate time to getting better was a GameChanger!

How it’s going…

As someone who works with kids everyday, I see first hand the impact of an outside influence. I work with so many great parents who, at the end of the day, are saying similar things as I am. It’s just different when it comes from an outside influence.

We continue to hear that mental health is a crisis, but our options are limited on how to support?

➡️ What if we don’t feel like they are in need of the kind of support a therapist provides?

➡️ What if we want to give our children the tools they need to reach their potential proactively?

➡️ Our youth are experiencing more stress, pressure, and “noise” than ever before and we have to find more ways to support them.

➡️ As parents we do our absolute best. However, there are so many times that we are still left feeling like we are missing something. It feels like sometimes our kids need something more to help them with the challenges of todays world. Someone else to talk to and process with, someone to help them gain perspective, and grow their toolbox of skills!

Sign up for “life coaching services” for your child.

Sessions in which your child(ren) can work on building self-confidence and self-reliance by working through problems with a solution in mind.

I will empower children, like yours, to set their own goals and make plans to reach them. They will learn to hold themselves accountable and make adjustments as needed. They will learn how to use failure as a teacher and use it to guide their next steps.

We take our children to sports lessons, music lessons, robotics competitions, etc. with the hope that character will naturally develop.

Our kids need someone to walk them through the types of situations that they are encountering. We have to directly teach them life skills and give them the confidence to be self-reliant.

Take me to your offers.

What’s ahead…

My vision for Positive Response Coaching for Youth is that it would provide another resource for parents to use for their child.

Many of us are at the cusp of a transition into a new school, a new grade, more competitive sports.

I envision parents reaching out when they need another voice communicating positively with their child. When they feel the frustration mounting and need help with accountability, I want Positive Response Coaching to be a viable option.

We have kids that are working through injuries, not making a team, not getting as much playing time as they would like and many other types of disappointments.

We see traits in our children that we don’t want to completely get rid of, but that we know need to be tweaked just a bit to serve our kids in the future.

We are trying to help our children through body changes that can create body image concerns. We are teaching them how to both love the body they were given, but also treat their body as deserving of healthy practices.

There are so many things that I could list that our kids are experiencing.

Let me be a support to you and your child. As a coach, I can work on difficult situations in a different way because of the nature of the coach/client relationship.

Sign me up!

What will I be doing?

  • Offering parents support to help their children meet their full potential through mindset training!
  • Guiding youth to be self-reliant, good communicators, and effective problem solvers.
  • Giving children the tools they need to be a self-confident and positive thinker.



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